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Feb 1, 2013 4:30am EST
former president bill clinton teaming up with sill vest ter that tone? could happen. details coming up. >>> welcome back. now to some other stories that caught our eye this morning. we begin in indiana and nnsylvania where snowy conditions proved dangerous for drivers. road closures and multicar pileups plagued commuters while low visibility caused a detroit freeway crash that claimed two lives and injured more than a dozen others. >>> now to philadelphia where a scary tumble was caught on security cameras. the man was seen stumbling before he lost his balance and fell over the edge of a train platform. other travelers rushed to help the man up. fortunately no trains were coming at the time. lucky for him. >>> next to virginia, radford college students woke up to a nasty surprise when they discovered their cars were flooded. school officials say water from a nearby dam was released safer midnight and the university made announcements and went door to door to warn students. not everyone got the message. students said they never heard any warnings. >>> in massachusetts, one junior high,
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm PST
senadores federales y así como bill clinton y es amigo personal del senador bob menéndez a quien le donó dinero para su campaña, y un ex asistente dijo que bill clinton y su esposa pasaron vacaciones en su casa, el f.b.i. registró las oficinas por fraude al medicare y dijo que supuestamente puso prostitutas que estuvieron con ellos. >> (habla en inglés). >> Él pudo confirmar el senador bob menéndez es amigo del doctor, pero nunca pudimos confirmar esto, el senador menendez niega haber estado con prostitutas. >> el senador es mi amigo y es le nuevo jefe del comité de relaciones exteriores. >> bueno, bob menéndez ocupó esta semana la presidencia del senado y la organización que inicio la investigación reiteró que el hombre que hizo la denuncia se indentifico con varios nombres falsos. >> vamos con félix de bedout. >> gracias jorge, mucho se ha hablado de este tema, y ahora fuimos a recorrer la zona para saber qué tan segura es, ahora temen a la hora de reclamar su dinero, le diremos qué pueden hacer y regraremos a méxico con la explosión de la torre de la ciudad de méxico.
Feb 3, 2013 11:30am EST
congress for over a decade. bill clinton's first budget director. his chief of staff. you left for a while. they almost got you to run for governor i think of california. then cia director and then secretary of defense. it is you, jim baker, donald rumsfeld, dick cheney, you're on this mount rushmore of guys that have held every office other than the president. >> it's been a hell of a ride. i really enjoyed it. in many ways. you know, it's kind of the son of italian immigrants i've kind of lived the american dream, which is i've gotten a lot of opportunities to serve the country. and i've been able to do some great things. i really, you know, in the end i used to ask my father why as an immigrant he came to the united states. he said because we wanted to make sure our children had a better life. i hope that that's my legacy that in some way in all those jobs i gave our children a better life. >> i want to ask you a little about all of it, but i want to start with we've now had back-to-back secretary of defense that did a stint as head of the cia. how important was that stint? having
Jan 31, 2013 6:30pm EST
, ofrecio una fiesta a bill clinton, leonel fernandez ex presidente de roger borges. de república dominicana. viajo bob menéndez tres veces en su avion privado a república dominicana. >>dijo que bill y hillary clinton pasaron vacaciones en su casa en república dominicana. >>se registor su oficina por fraudes a medicare, y habria puesto a disposicion de bob menéndez prostitutas menores de edad en república dominicana. >>se pidió al departamento de justicia que se investigue a bob menéndez y se entrego testimonios. >>pudo confirmar que bob menéndez es amigo de mengel, pero nunca pudimos confirmar las acusaciones serias contra el senador y por ello fue remitida la investigación al fbi. >>bob menéndez habria reembolsos el dinero recibido por viajar a república dominicana. >>bob menéndez es mi amigo , y es un senado excepcional, es el nuevo jefe del comité de relaciones exteriores, cualquier pregunta sobre este asunto deben hacersela a el >>el dijo que permanecerá en su cargo pese a las denuncias y polémicas. >>el hombre que hizo la denuncia, se identifico con varios nom
Feb 6, 2013 2:30am PST
but nbc threw a party for her. even bill clinton delivered a birthday message and endorsement. take a look. >> in a time when our nation is so bitterly divided, it's important to have a leader who won the respect and affection of our nation in the way that betty has. after all, she's gained praise all the way from president obama to george w. of course, i'm talking about president obama and george washington. i hope we can all look forward to 2016 when we will hopefully be able to take advantage of our opportunity to elect her president. i'm bill clinton and i approve this message. >> and that is an endorse the. if you're endorsed by bill clinton, you don't need anything else. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your gangster tweets and texts are next. >> say that again. >> your gangster. >> straight from boston. we'll be back. ♪ using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answ
Feb 6, 2013 5:30am EST
. i'm bill clinton and i approve this message. >> and that is an endorse the. if you're endorsed by bill clinton, you don't need anything else. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your gangster tweets and texts are next. >> say that again. >> your gangster. >> straight from boston. we'll be back. ♪ using cloud computing and mobile technology, verizon innovators have developed a projective display for firefighters. allowing them to see through anything. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. and thto fight chronic.dream osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am EST
president -- barack obama, bill clinton -- that means continuity rather than change. but as far as speaking itself, i enjoy it. i enjoy the challenge. you are walking into a room full of strangers. you have never met them, they have never laid eyes on you, they may have seen you on television in passing or whatever -- within an hour, they walk out with some sense of you. 45 minutes to make them think, make them laugh. that is the highest praise you can get, is somebody coming up and saying, you made me think and made me laugh. that is high praise for me as a speaker. >> let's lay down the basics for mark shields -- born where? >> massachusetts, may 25, 1930 seven. >> parents did what? >> my dad was a paper salesman, involved in the town, government and politics. my mother had been a schoolteacher but at that time when schoolteachers married they could no longer -- they were stained women or something of the sort, because they no longer could teach in the public schools of massachusetts as a married woman. so she was a mother and homemaker. >> how many brothers and sisters? >> one b
Feb 1, 2013 5:00am EST
priorities. so she's probably going to follow in the steps of bill clinton whose priority is to raise money for the global health initiative. >> let's move on to immigration. with the push for immigration reform, there is a lot of controversy over the citizenship issue. what do you think on that? >> that's going to be the make or break question of immigration reform. and the big question, the $64,000 question here is at what point do you begin granting temporary legal status and putting the 11 million illegal immigrants on a pathway to citizenship? republicans say that can only happen once the borders are proven secure. the question is, who decides whether the borders are secure? what democrats said this week is the department of homeland security secretary should make that decision. that would be janet innapolitan someone who is it not a popular figure among republicans. john cornyn in the senate yesterday said that would be unacceptable to him. that is a major sticking point. >> all right, alexander bolton, thank you for your time this morning. we appreciate your perspective. and no
Feb 1, 2013 4:00am PST
choice. he could be wrong. but he then ate the pie marked for san francisco. >>> what does bill clinton, magic mike, sylvester stallone and bruce willis all have in common? well have the answer when we return. >>> welcome back. forecast remains unchanged day after day as we go throughout the weekend. temperatures will be pretty close stonal for the beginning of february. if anything maybe a little bit above average. 53 in the next two days in seattle. l.a. low 70s. phoenix should be mid-70s. no problems there. there's a big golf tournament in phoenix and sunday also going to be very nice. across the board no wet weather in sight. high pressure protests all of the west. enjoy it while it lasts. >>> this super bowl weekend will prove to be a quiet one at the box office if you're looking for "the walking dead" meets "twilight," the zombie romp will take the top. with stallone's bullet to the head fighting for second place. speaking of stallone, he has some new cast members for the franchise's third installment including president bill clinton. that's right. stallone said maybe, just maybe here we
Feb 4, 2013 2:00am PST
and bill clinton bears farewell to a friend. >>> and the super bowl turning points of the game. "first look" is back in three minutes. e my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. . >>> good morning. welcome back. some stories making news this morning. officials in turkey are questioning 15 people in the death of sarai sierra. a new york city mother whose body was found in turkey on saturday. >>> in cuba, public people got a close-up look at retired leader fidel castro, their first since 2010. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry had a busy weekend talking to leaders of israel, turkey, canada, mexico and japan. the funeral for former new york city mayor ed koch will be held today
Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
the republican bill clinton. good luck. they made one and that's it. for better or worse depending on your point of view. what happened was a rethinking. it was not a repackaging. and it was a move and rick i suspect is not -- still not all that happy with that move, but it was an ideological move toward markets, toward competition, toward a more centrist position. the republicans have made no sign, in fact, have shown if anything in terms of the gun issue have shown that quite where they're going to be. and so the dlc analogy with only be applicable once the republicans make some move toward the senate. >> and then there's a question whether the american public is actually even listening to the spin part of this. like do they even need to hear eric cantor, whether it resonates. >> i think one thing it clearly showed is that there is still a significant part of the republican party who thinks their problems are marketing related. it's about getting the message across without looking at the whether there's a basic conflict with their ideas. and so i think maybe not that many people
FOX Business
Jan 31, 2013 12:00am EST
democratic network and former campaign advisor to president bill clinton. what a power panel we have here. steve moore let me start with you. was this a surprise to you? >> yeah, i think it was a surprise to everyone that the number went negative. you know this, melissa, as well as anyone, the number that matters is private gdp growth. government shouldn't even be part of gdp and gdp, government spending actually fell substantially, military spending was down by over 20%. that accounted for the negativity. even if you take out government we were 1.3% growth rate. melissa, that doesn't cut it that is pretty anemic number. one other statistic quickly to mention. there was a big increase in the amount of disposable personal income reported in this report. and i have a suspicion that that is a result of the fact, remember you reported on all these special dividends and so on. melissa: right. >> that were paid in the fourth quarter. i think that showed up in these disposable income numbers. which means we may see a drop-off in those numbers in the first quarter of this year. melissa: you
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
, bill clinton is still a major figure in the party, even though that galls barack obama. it wouldn't help to have this other family in the democratic tent out there undermining obama's candidacy -- excuse me, obama's presidency in any way. this is a good-will gesture on the way out the door to keep her on base, absolutely. to keep her close. keep your friends, you know, your enemies close and your friends closer. >> that's a good god father role i've always played. she answered rather forthrightly, will joe biden bow out if it's clear hillary is running? >> i think so. and i think so because hillary has a much deeper, broader base in the party. i know joe biden well, i covered him for a long time. if he assesses the situation a couple years down the road and sees that the clinton machine is still out there, and by the way, hillary took the whole clinton machine to the state department. that was hillaryland over there. that wasn't obamaland. >> i understand that completely. >> that's still strong, i think joe biden will look at it and say i'm not sure i've got the organization. do it.
Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm PST
me. i made this person secretary of state. the asdigsal benefit of editing bill clinton completely out of the picture. the real attention here is bill clinton and barack obama. it's like the big chill turn sbood the big freeze. >> okay, hold that thought. let me get back to joy. remember he was still when george w. was elected president. bill was speaking out on a separate screen. let me ask you, i thought of this and howard did give me credit for it in the green room before we came in. i said one reason why he put that the secretary of state on television with him as an equal. they talked about each other being partners, almost, wasn't ameliorated, softened, the lack of any woman the top position is named for the second term. and it did shut everybody up in a very nice way. it's smart, koz mettic politics. >> no, definitely. it puts her in the buddy act. you've seen him and his new chief of staff. and there is a sort of bud sdi act that he's got going on. but one of the things that you haven't seen a lot. if you think about it, one of the pairings, you haven't seen a lot of over t
Feb 3, 2013 7:00am PST
article he brings us up, too. i was 17 when bill clinton won the presidency. my entire adult political consciousness had hillary clinton, more than bill, had hillary clinton in a position of public power in one way or another. it's been 20 years. that has been my adulthood. i felt not warmly toward her and very warmly. the idea she was going to leave, i did wake up thinking hey, it's the end of an era. >> it's the end of something. >> it's a shift, you know. maybe that's a better way to think about it. it's a shift that she, the clinton's represent a moment that for many of us was a coming of age. hillary clinton is an important part of it. it feels to me like by the push -- the thing i hate about the conversation is the push to have her run in 2016 as though if she doesn't she is a failure. all the rest of everything she's done and been doesn't matter if she's never president. that seems wrong to me. >> in a lot of ways, the desire to have hillary be president, hillaryland, if you go into that world of people obsessed with her and really want her to be president and didn't want to sup
Jan 30, 2013 2:30am PST
in the public stage. she may work with her husband at the bill clinton foundation. she may work some with chelsea clinton but she's going to stay involved. she's going to do another memoir and she's going to sleep in. >> what's that like? >> that's right. >> andrea mitchell will join us later on "morning joe." thank you as always. have a good day. >>> finally, a u.s. army veteran is showing a remarkable sense of determination after losing all four limbs in the iraq war. with the help of modern science and a team of top dream doctors, the young soldier has been given a second chance. >> reporter: brandon wheeled himself into a packed news conference in baltimore. what's remarkable, he did it with a pair of arms he received just six weeks ago in a double transplant operation. >> i never really accepted the fact that i didn't have arms. so now that i have them again, it's almost like it never happened. >> reporter: as an army private in iraq, he lost both his legs and arms to a roadside bomb. the military's first quadruple amputee to survive. he considered himself lucky. >> i was still
Feb 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
the republican party? >> bill clinton did very well -- they focused on issue that is people cared about and what people care about are college education, the cost of college -- >> if the gop is going to reband itself it has to deal with the monitor that eric cantor helped create. u.s. congressman paul brown is expected to run for the georgia senate seat held by retiring -- i used to think this guy was right wing, sackby chambliss. broun said this, i think the only constitution that barack obama upholds is the soviet constitution, not this one. he has no concept of this one though he claimed to be a constitutional lawyer. steve king who suggested president obama's parents may have announced his birth by telegram from africa. can your party stop its candidates being taken up by nuts. >> i think for washington people to say to grat roots activists we have to tell you how your going to make -- >> how do you stop these groups from winning? >> you know what you need to do? you need to educate the voter and get back to the -- >> get them with the right majors. >> hit them with the right
Feb 2, 2013 8:00am EST
bill clinton's policies when he was governor the first time around because he was making some reforms around the trucking industry and if you are a big poultry player you are tracking a lot of chickens so bill clinton got punished. he didn't get elected to be a governor when he ran again and he reform as far as tyson was concerned so he has had the support of tyson ever since then so when the clinton administration came into office they facilitated the for stage of privatizing meat inspections which we have been living with emerson's and which now the obama administration is trying to take a step further. the clinton administration privatized this in the processing, animals are slaughtered and another step where they are cut up and processed so in the reprocessing there has been the privatized system that we have done a lot of work showing how dangerous it is. the obama administration wants to increase this program especially for poultry. it would mean more than 200 birds a minute are being slaughtered in a plant. that is not a misstatement. 200 birds a minute. there is no way there c
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
that they present themselves as sportsman. john kerry and his duck hunting and bill clinton on the horse. >> i think it was a bit of an overreaction. the white house was calling them skeeter birders as my colleague points out. you could combine that and make them skeeters. they could have swatted these skeeters down, but decided to play that game. of course, people will look at that picture and say, that is only one. he says he does it all the time. is joe in arizona going to test the president to see if there is gun powder residue on his fingers at this point. >> do you think president obama is an avid skeet shooter? >> i think he does it all the time. >> i read some conservative blogs this morning which said this is photoshopped and look at the position of the gun in his hands. it is true that this white house exists in an environment where almost anything the president says and mitt romney and small va varmentes challeng and challengh certificate. >> not the subtly award for the white house. i want to know what the white puff coming out of the top. >> bill clinton and hillary cl
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
and the '90s under bill clinton. >> reagan ran enormous deficits and clinton surplus. >> bill clinton cut spending with newt gingrich. not tax rates. never. >> the tax increases have happened. the tax increases have happened. that part of the balance is there. now it is time to look at the other side which is spending cuts and entitlement reform. that's what hasn't come yet. >> i have to get out. thanks very much. appreciate it. you're both great. so are house republicans prepared to put up a spending cut fight with the president some let's get t? let's get the gop perspective. mr. roscom, what is your response to president obama's rift today? >> well, look, this is president obama's sequester to pay for the old ket credebt ceiling deal. that being said, the president also in december last time you and i talked had a great deal to say about all these revenues that were coming in and he created the impression on the part of the american public that all of our fiscal problems were going to go away. it was all going to be great if simply those tax rates went up. well, the tax rates went up,
FOX News
Jan 30, 2013 2:00am EST
they would get us. i think he is trying to do a lot of what bill clinton did. his best. by that, bill clinton when he had a billionaire to defind him. if i were one of the other media outlets i would be embarrassed. that i wasn't called out. how can you claim to do your job and cover the president when the only people he can find is talk radio and fox news channel. we don't have a video today. but daily caller tried to ask senator bob a question about the alleged report that he patronized underage dominican prostitutes. they asked him the question his press secretary jumped in and said you sit there. if you can be quiet now. i bring this up not to bring up the patronization of dominican underage prostitutes but that is their attitude toward nip who asks them a question. sit there and be quiet. >> bob: that is unfair. to think that about menendez -- daily caller is a rag that says stuff like that -- >> eric: guys. thank you very much. take a look at how main stream media, hard-hitting journalist, "60 minutes," listen to how steve croft defended the softball interview he gave to m
Jan 30, 2013 4:00pm PST
industry's trade association, i negotiated the child safety lock deal with then president bill clinton. i stood in the rose garden and made that announcement, and it really doesn't matter whether it's bill clinton or president obama or wayne lapierre. if it makes sense, it makes sense. and if it doesn't, it doesn't. we need to grow up in the country, and start dealing with the real problems and face them as adults and i think we can and should. and enough with the comments and the back and forth. the problem in america -- and we all agree it's criminals. any criminal with a gun is a bad thing. and there are things we can do to make it harder for criminals to obtain guns and we ought to do them. >> cenk: i want to talk to you about that in a second but i want to finish up this issue. the nra makes a dramatic change -- you pointed to it too, the statements from wayne lapierre from before 2005. in 2005 -- i keep pointing to that year because two things happened. one they started taking corporate money from gun manufacturers, and they started defending gun manufacturers from lawsuits. so if i
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm PST
, i'm bill o'reilly. ing thanks for watching tonight. barack obama and hillary clinton, friends forever that, is the subject of this evening's talk points memo. disappointing interview last nicht i didn't learn very much. i didn't learn anything. the theme seemed to be the world is a dangerous, complicated place. >> we live in a dangerous world, people i'm proud to serve and work within our diplomatic and development personnel ranks, they know what the danger is. >> it's a dangerous world that. is part of the reason why we have to continue to get better. >> we live not only in a dangerous but a complicated world right now with many different forces at work. >> coming up we live in a world that is incredibly complicated and dangerous. now, i respect the interviewer. i don't know why he didn't ask hard questions. if you know, please tell me. you don't have to be disrespectful. all have you to say is hey, mr. president why did your secretary of state hitting -- sitting next to you not go on sunday shows to explain what happened in benghazi, libya? why did you send the un ambassador
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
because they wanted to reward her for doing this, partly it was a thank you to bill clinton. who really worked hard for the president, though it wa was -- bill. >> bill: that is good inside stuff that may well be the motivation for him doing it. but steve kroft could have zeroed in on hillary clinton and said what brit human just said or what i have been saying about libya. >> you're not going learn anything. >> bill: you don't have to learn if they ask the right question and they dodge the question, all right? it's simple as i said in talking points memo, miss quinn. what was preventing you from going on a sunday show. he's your guy. why weren't you out there. i'm a simple man. you know that better than anyone. it's a question, answer it. right? am i wrong here? what? >> no. i think you're very complicated and dangerous man. >> bill: okay. >> very dangerous. >> i'm sure hillary would agree with that. see if you ask a question she doesn't answer it, you have gotten your answer. she's not going to engage. >> bill: that is a problem, so far, so many republicans, bill have been grandstandi
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 8:00pm EST
. >> bill: why is the american press so infatuated with barack obama and hillary clinton? we will try to find that out. later big immigration debated will republicans spearhead reform to try to get on the right side of hispanic voters. we're coming right back. >> bill: joining us from washington sally quinn. editor of "the washington post" on faith section. judith miller fox news analyst. i understand you just talked to steve kroft, correct? >> i did. >> bill: he said? >> he said the only constraint on that interview, there were no conditions, even though the white house approached him, the only limitation was one of time he said he knew he only had 30 minutes. he could concentrate either on relationship between former rivals and now partners and now admirers on each other or he could concentrate on foreign policy. she had just testified on the hill. spent hours testifying. he didn't think he was going to be able to advance that story so he chose to concentrate on the relationship. >> bill: do you think that was wise decision in hindsight after looking at the interview. >> i'm not intere
FOX News
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. barack obama and hillary clinton friends forever. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. disappointing interview on 60 minutes last night. i didn't learn very much. in fact, i didn't learn anything. the theme seemed to be the world is a dangerous and complicated place. >> we also live in a dangerous world. and, you know, the people i'm proud to serve and work with in our diplomatic and development personnel ranks, they know it's a dangerous and risky world. >> it is a dangerous world and that's part of the reason why we have to continue to get better. >> we live not only in a dangerous but an incredibly complicated world right now with many different forces at work. >> bill: summing up, we live in a world that is incredibly complicated and dangerous. good to know. now, i respect "60 minutes" and steve kroft the interviewer. i don't know why he didn't ask hard questions. if you know, please tell me. you don't have to be disrespectful. all you have to say is, hey, mr. president, why did yourselves, who is sitting r
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am EST
awaited archerman sequel. >>> and finally, a feature of guests, amy poehler, blake shelton even bill clinton. >> do you like anchorman -- the nightmere on elm street house freaks me out. i don't like it. >> i don't like scary movies in general, aren't you excited for? >> we'll see. >>> i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "early today," this, your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. . >>> the clouds are still hanging over us this morning. but you won't have to worry about snow as you head out the door. the changes coming to your forecast in a few minutes. first, good morning. i'm aaron gi
Feb 6, 2013 12:00am PST
greater than there is mining. tavis: you mentioned bill clinton, who has had a renaissance, and his numbers are as high-end as they have ever been. his numbers are often higher. he has been our point person on this project since the earthquake happened. assess with me how he has done. >> he could not get done the things he would like to get done. he was on the interim commission for the recovery of haiti, and that was almost no as on the commission that lasted for two years. he raised a lot of money for president bush, and they spent about four loans of small businesses, and maybe that is a good idea, but they were the same kinds of businesses. they use earthquake money to do the same kinds of programs. clinton has a long relationship with haiti. the people he knows are not the most imaginative. they are the elite. that is normal. he is a former u.s. president. he does not get down and 30 in the shanty towns, but he needs to have people do that if he is going to continue. >> who is going to get down and dirty? >> i have a doctor. she is wonderful, but she is small scale. she learned
Feb 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
right now. roger is with me, former deputy we treasury secretary under bill clinton and chairman of ever corp. partners. and from a vice chairman of the federal reserve he is also the author of "after the music stopped, the financial crisis, the response and the work ahead." gentlemen, it's good to have you on the program. >> good to be here. >> so much to discuss. allen, this week we have the unemployment report in the month of january, in line with expectations. unemployment rate ticking up to 7.9% and the disappointing gdp report. what does that tell you? >> i think if you -- what you need to do is average through the third quarter, which was higher than it should have been. and the fourth quarter, which is lower than it should have been. why do i say that? we have this big mysterious bounce up in defense spending. government spending in general, seems mysterious in the third quarter. then it disappears in the 40 quarter. if you average those two, ditto with inventory. acouple lakes and decumulation. if you average those two, it looks like it's been looking like a sort of a 2% mi
Feb 5, 2013 4:00am PST
, blake shelton and even bill clinton. i'm richard lui and this is "early today." >>> a traditional sport is given an unusual twist in lithuania. horse racing on ice where buggies called sartai once pulled across frozen lakes. now, clear skies and freezing temperatures made the conditions perfect for this icy ride. 68 horses flew down the mile-long stadium track and a horse named falcon took home the first prize trophy. >> missed the daily double. >> just missed it. so close, bill. >>> well, in japan, even if you build it in ice they will come. visitors braved subzero temperatures as japan kicked off 60th annual sapporo snow festival. one of the region's biggest tourist attractions. they have larger than life icons. they took several weeks and thousands of tons of snow. i'm always amazed by that. >>> now to cuba where spider-man is at it again. made famous by scaling buildings without a harness, alain robert successfully climbed the historical habana hotel yesterday. the french spider-man pulled himself more than 400 feet up the hotel using only balcony railings. he has climbed more
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